We help organisations thrive in a mobile, programmable world.


The App Business is a mobile solutions company: we reimagine the business and operations of the world’s leading organisations through mobile.

Whether developing new propositions, embedding more agile ways of working, or running a programme of live products - our goal remains constant: we exist to engineer the mobility and agility our clients need in order to thrive in an unpredictable, programmable world.


The App Business was built from the ground up by a team who spent three inspirational years working with Apple on the launch of the App Store and the iPhone in Europe. When we first opened our doors, a new programmable world was just beginning to gather pace - and it hasn’t slowed down since.

Today, everywhere around us, people turn to mobile devices and apps to do the things that matter to them - whether that's at home, at work or anywhere in between. With supercomputers in their hands, on their wrists, in their cars and in their homes, new behaviours and disruptive business models are emerging at light-speed.

To keep up, organisations need to get mobile and agile - and they need to do it fast: we believe it’s time to adapt, or die. 

This is where we come in. We provide lean, nimble teams of experts who enable organisations to scope and identify new opportunities, and quickly overcome obstacles along the way. We created The App Business to help organisations plot their own unique path toward mobile transformation and make the changes necessary to thrive in a radically new, mobile context. 


We have iterated and adapted our TAB Agile Process over the course of six years, incorporating best practice from a range of frameworks including Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD), Scrum and eXtreme Programming (XP). Tried and tested in the real world, our process enables us to rapidly deliver value within large organisations.  We combine this with outcome driven innovation techniques to make sure we are focused on achieving the most valuable impact where it matters most.

We continuously inspect and adapt such processes with our client partners to tailor our approach to their needs. Beyond the scope of a single project, we are also on hand to help our clients adopt and roll out these Agile methodologies, organisation-wide.

Underpinning our work are a set of values, or beliefs, that consistently set us apart.


    We experiment, test and build with mobile software every single day. It’s not a sideline or separate department: it is our business.


    We operate embedded, farsighted partnerships with our clients, investing in real-time collaboration to deliver high quality solutions.


    To test something that moves, you have to build something that moves: we prototype from day one, iterating in line with user feedback.


    Our products become key catalysts for wider transformational change: from mobile programmes to organisational design.


    It's killer user experiences that drive real business value and achieve standout - not the latest technology.


    We figure out the optimum solution and see technology as a powerful enabler, not an end in itself.


Having underpinned The App Business with many of the lessons and insights we gained from our early days working alongside Apple, we are proud to continue our partnership as a Global Apple Mobility Partner. We help our clients unlock the full potential of iOS to drive mobile-led transformation, innovation and significant efficiency gains across organisations.


With over 120 mobile experts located in the heart of King’s Cross London, we are a multidisciplinary company of strategists, product designers, software engineers, Agile coaches and more.

Our teams are self-organising and cross-functional. We put the desired end-user and our clients’ business outcomes at the heart of everything we do. Everybody is 100% in-house because we know that is the only way to deliver quality - and quality drives business value.

To learn more about the talented mobile specialists that make up The App Business, visit our Team page