We bring smart, passionate people together and give them the support they need to make a difference.


We thrive on big challenges, so we constantly seek out new opportunities and push ourselves to test the boundaries of what mobile can achieve.

To help us do that, we bring on board the brightest and the best. We give them real autonomy to make decisions that matter, in a space where failing from time to time is nothing to be afraid of. It’s a ‘holocratic’ and agile structure, which means teams are flat, decentralised and self-organising. It’s exciting to work this way, but it can also be a big responsibility - if that idea inspires you, then we are off to a good start.


Opening our doors in 2009, we set out to build the type of company we always wanted to call our own: one that worked fast and lean, creating awesome products for great clients in an environment set up to help each of us excel.

Now ranked Outstanding in the Best Companies Index, we continue to invest heavily in that vision, and at its core is the emphasis we place on developing and supporting our people. We believe that an investment in our staff not only leads to greater productivity and excellence in what we do, but also to a happier, more collaborative workforce. Our Glassdoor profile is a testament to this and we pride ourselves on the honest ratings and positive feedback that we have received.


“This is probably the first place I have worked at where you can meet such a bunch of talented people willing to share their skills with you. I have been learning a lot in a short amount of time and that's one of the biggest reasons I feel so lucky to be here."


As a team, we have created seven core principles that articulate what matters most to us. They act as the framework for every decision we take. To get a real sense of who we are and what its like to work with us, take a read - and if they also mean something to you, then the likelihood is, we’ll make a great match.


    There’s a unique tempo to the way we work: fast, chaotic and sometimes, downright scary. But we get more done in a week than most in a month: our tempo gives us laser-like focus.


    We thrive on big challenges but the hardest thing to master is our own time: we can’t do everything, however much we care like crazy. It’s vital we focus on doing what’s important.


    Everything we do is a work-in-progress. We’re always learning and we can always improve, so we fearlessly ask questions and listen hard to others in order to make something better.


    Making something simple is one of the hardest things we do at TAB. The process of stripping away the unnecessary takes skill and hard work, but it also keeps us sharply focused.


    It's easy to focus on our own priorities and tasks, but great teamwork and collaboration rely on everyone understanding the big picture. To do that, it's vital we zoom out first.


    The fastest, smartest shortcut to great things is to 'tap up' the genius of our collective TAB mind. To do that, we collaborate with our talented teammates as early and often as we can.


    We aren't afraid to speak up when we spot a problem. Any one of us at TAB can 'pull the cord' to help our team take stock and overcome an unforeseen challenge.


In 2015, TAB HQ relocated to the Spitfire Building, right in the heart of London’s thriving King’s Cross area.

Built in 1905, Spitfire is a beautiful Edwardian warehouse with plenty of personality. It’s located just a stone’s throw away from the best connected train station in Europe - making Eurostar jaunts across the Channel after work on a Friday a ridiculously easy option.


We love every minute of what we do, but that doesn’t mean its not hard work. It’s important to us as a company to make sure we acknowledge the effort our staff put in - which is why, when you join us, you’ll have the opportunity to design your own benefits package from a wide range on offer. It’s one of the many ways we make sure we say thank you. We also see our benefits as an integral part of how we shape our culture. Implicitly, they enshrine the values we want to see every day: fun, wellbeing, trust, teamwork, learning - to name just a few.



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