Last week, the highly anticipated Mary Meeker annual Internet Trends Report came out, and with it came a plethora of data and interesting facts. Here are seven key takeaways that we felt were most compelling.

Clara Monnet
By Clara Monnet under Insights, News 10 June 2016

For the overwhelming majority of us who attend Google I/O, it’s an exciting opportunity to be close to the action and experience, first-hand, what’s next in technology. This year was no exception.

Swav Kulinski
By Swav Kulinski under Insights, News 02 June 2016

At TAB, we put the 12 Principles of Agile at the heart of everything we do. Not only do we believe Agile helps us develop the best software, but it allows us to adapt and positively respond to change.

By The App Business under Agile 01 June 2016

Collaboration isn't a new idea, but in the tech industry, high levels of collaboration are essential for delivery and collaboration is often at the heart of how companies like ourselves see the world.

By The App Business under Agile 23 May 2016

The tech industry is booming, and if you are are either in it or thinking of joining it, there are a lot of options to consider. From the booming giants to the innovative start-ups, there is a lot on offer.

Jacob Mullaly
By Jacob Mullaly under #TABLife 19 May 2016

Encryption might sound like something that only your IT team obsess about, but in reality, you come into contact with multiple forms of encryption software every single day.

Andrei Petric
By Andrei Petric under Insights, #TABLife 18 May 2016

It's a fairly common assumption in Agile product development is that the faster you can get features out of the door, the better the team must be performing, particularly when transitioning towards Agile.

Anna Fletcher Morris
By Anna Fletcher Morris under Agile, Insights 05 May 2016

It used to be so simple: customers did a big shop once a week at their local big box supermarket who had everything you needed. In reality, British grocers have been under assault for almost a decade.

Brett Thornton
By Brett Thornton under Insights 03 May 2016

Almost all projects have a need for multiple environments. This allows us to test our user-facing software against non-production data, and deploy in-development instances of our backend for testing purposes.

Sam Dods
By Sam Dods under Engineering 22 April 2016

Regarded as the darling of London’s start-up scene, Deliveroo has totally shaken up the way we think about take-away food by reimagining the customer experience of food delivery.

Hamish Vallabh
By Hamish Vallabh under Insights 18 April 2016

Many of us who are responsible for creating, managing and maintaining digital products have already accepted that before you release any product to market, it is a good idea to test it first with the users first.

By The App Business under Insights 05 April 2016

It’s easy to think that we don’t have enough space to be creative, especially in an office environment, but here is another post with tips and ideas on how office space can be used in different forms.

By The App Business under Agile 31 March 2016

The question of whether to develop an app using native or hybrid technologies is one that comes up a lot - from clients across all industries. Let's start by using what we’ll call 'the Coca-Cola Metaphor'.

By The App Business under Insights 22 March 2016

As promised, here is the first follow up on my creative spaces for creative thinking blog where I unpack how you can create your own 'Working walls'.

By The App Business under Agile 21 March 2016

Recently, Will Thomas and I gave a talk here at TAB about caching, providing a simple high level overview of what it is for all our non-engineering teams.

Ken Boucher
By Ken Boucher under Engineering, Insights 10 March 2016