Technology is mobile. After a decade of the smartphone, mobile technology continues to connect people, data and things - anytime, and everywhere. This continues to unlock extraordinary opportunities, empowering both businesses and individuals to fulfil their outcomes faster.

The result? Better, more responsive operations, services and experiences - and a new standard for what ‘great’ looks like. The challenge, however, is a landscape of increasing technical complexity and a new tide of expectation that is reshaping every industry on earth.

TAB is a highly focused technology partner, built to enable organisations to thrive in a world where mobile is an expectation – not a device. 

>> Mobile is our mother tongue

Founded by a team who helped Apple launch the App Store and the iPhone in Europe, we’re the UK’s largest and most experienced team of mobile experts. When it’s mission critical, we have the proven experience to get the hard stuff to done – fast.

>> We nail the now

Polyglot problem-solvers and committed makers, we cut through the noise - be it distracting tech trends or internal politics - to deliver more value, faster. Outcome-led and tech astute, we’re about making it simple: helping clients know the knowable, and nail the now.

>> We accelerate mobile momentum

Success depends on your team’s capability, not just the products you build. From co-sourced teams to cutting-edge technology practices and tooling, we draw deeply on our expertise to equip your teams with the skills they need to take on a high speed, mobile world. 


Bring together the right smarts and experience, and no mission is impossible.

That belief has been at the centre of TAB since we first opened our doors. Today, we're the UK's leading team of cross-functional mobile experts. We are 150 specialists, with real-world experience across strategy, design, and software engineering - all located under one roof in the heart of King’s Cross, London.

But it's not just about how we work with each other. That same belief determines how we work with every client. Our priority is to build radically integrated teams: nimble groups of experienced TABbers who work side-by-side with our clients to co-create awesome products and services.

Yes, it’s inherently agile in it's approach - but most importantly, it's a acutely collaborative and pragmatic way to get to higher quality services and solutions, faster. By building together, focused on clear outcomes, we give organisations open access to our expertise, and the opportunity to develop their own capabilities through action - not theory. We believe it’s the only way to accelerate your mobile momentum. 

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Having underpinned The App Business with many of the lessons and insights we gained from our early days working alongside Apple, we are proud to continue our partnership as a Global Apple Mobility Partner.

We help our clients unlock the full potential of iOS to drive product-led change and significant efficiency across their enterprise.