Senior Strategist

Help supercharge our Strategy practice!

About TAB:

TAB's purpose is simple: to create products that make the world work better. We’re doing pretty well: from our studio in Kings Cross, we work with organisations such as Tesco, Visa, Kingfisher, RBS, TfL, Shell, Ford and Unilever, impacting tens of millions of people. But we’ve got bigger plans for the future - and we need your help to realise them.

The Senior Strategist role in a nutshell:

TAB’s Strategists help other TABbers and our clients to be smarter about how businesses solve problems for people with technology. They know enough to be dangerous about all the technologies that matter, how to elevate a commercial conversation and how best to uncover valuable customer insight. Then, our Strategists tie all three together into a compelling product strategy.

We’re looking for an experienced Strategist who can continually raise the bar for strategic thinking at TAB, ensuring we’re meeting our client’s needs, and that our team are hot property. You’ll need to excel in and adopt a broad range of roles, including:

What you can expect:

The type of person we would love to meet:


TAB believes in creating a culture where diversity, regardless of its form, is just a part of who we are. We empower every TABber to share what matters to them, subsequently creating a culture where every person, regardless of race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability status, is treated as a valued member of TAB!

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