7 steps to a great user experience in financial apps (and 7 deadly sins)

Daniel Joseph
By Daniel Joseph under Design, Insights 10 March 2014

We believe user experience is the new IP – critical to making your app stand out from the pack. Financial apps are no exception. Recently in the TAB office, we took a good look at many of the major apps available in financial services, from handy budgeting tools and mobile payments, to the mobile banking apps from our biggest high street banks.

We witnessed the good, the bad and the decidedly indifferent – which got us thinking about what a great user experience in a financial app should be.We’ve distilled this down into 7 key steps to great UX, complete with the 7 deadly sins to avoid – feel free to share, or download it directly here.

7 Steps to a Great User Experience in Financial Apps (and 7 Deadly Sins) from The App Business