8 things Uber can teach you

Hamish Vallabh
By Hamish Vallabh under Insights 09 October 2015

It’s amazing to think that Uber was founded just six years ago, and has been running in the UK for just three. In a relatively short space of time, Uber has turned the car service industry on its head, and at the same time firmly embedded itself into the habitual life of its users.

A highly imaginative and disruptive company, Uber provides a service that hits all the right notes, and an app that is a joy to use. So it’s easy to see why, for many of us, once you start using Uber, you don't look back.

Crucially, Uber didn’t do this by changing the vehicle or retraining drivers. Instead, it built an app that fundamentally changed how we order, meet, and pay for a car. 

By taking a broader view of what a car service could be, Uber was able to totally reimagine the entire experience - offering relentless reliability and a seamless system that addressed many of the issues that plagued the ‘analogue’ taxi experience. 

With Uber's astronomical success in mind, I have broken down in the deck below the eight essential lessons that I think everyone involved in product and service design can take from one of the world's most successful 'habit-forming' companies. 


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