With an Android event scheduled on 29th September, Google are expected to finally unveil Android 6.0 - better known as Android Marshmallow, or just Android M.

By The App Business under Insights 24 September 2015

In Waterfall, all results are predictable - at least in theory. The roadmap is clear and fixed: if we do ‘X’, then the result will be ‘Y’. However, this does not account for unseen changes that arise in every project.

By The App Business under Agile, Insights 23 September 2015

After years of following a certain approach, legacy ways of working become entrenched, and changing them can feel impossible. However, the urgent need for change is felt by many of the companies we meet.

By The App Business under Insights, Agile 22 September 2015

The App Business has climbed to No. 24 in the Tech Track 100, and also takes the No. 1 spot in the Drum Digital Census for our category in the financial listings.

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It probably won't come as any great surprise that at TAB, we love TED. Links to inspiring, informative talks are a frequent feature on our Slack channels. After a quick straw poll, here are our Top 10.

By The App Business under #TABLife 10 September 2015

Despite some ‘smart’ attempts, the TV feels increasingly like an object of the past. Especially when you compare it to the supercomputers each of us carry everywhere, every day, in our pockets.

George Proudfoot
By George Proudfoot under Insights 08 September 2015

iOS 7 brought a radical redesign, and 8 offered a functional evolution. Now, iOS 9 promises to polish everything that’s come before, and to take the first steps towards what comes next.

Toby Weinberg
By Toby Weinberg under Insights 28 August 2015

Given our name, it might be a bit obvious to point out that since we opened our doors, our story has been intertwined with the mobile app. While that might be true, the future looks very different the humble app.

Brett Thornton
By Brett Thornton under Insights 28 August 2015

In my entire career in tech, I never thought I would type the words ‘Google, a wholly owned subsidiary of…’ However, the more we analysed the situation, suddenly, the more obvious this move became.

By The App Business under Insights, News 14 August 2015

In a world where the pace of change is lightning fast, every organisation we spoke to was feeling the pressure to be more nimble. What became clear was that many were facing the same challenges.

By The App Business under Insights 03 August 2015

Many organisations know they need to get more nimble in order to better adapt to an uncertain world. This challenge has led many of our clients to seek our prowess on the right way to 'go agile'.

By The App Business under Agile, Insights 24 July 2015

Agile is as much (if not more) about business efficiency than it is about software development, encompassing principles where rapid response to change is a key aspect of adding value for customers.

By The App Business under Agile, Insights 02 July 2015

Exploring all the different possibilities of our area of discipline allows us to become even better at what we do and encourages us to strive to achieve our potential. This is no different within the testing team at TAB.

Zachary Borrelli
By Zachary Borrelli under Agile, Engineering 30 June 2015

It’s fair to say we are a team of voracious readers here at TAB HQ – besides the fact we love to learn, it is a necessity for us because the pace of change in our industry operates at lightspeed.

Daniel Joseph
By Daniel Joseph under #TABLife, News 25 June 2015

It’s that time of year again when tech journalists get into a frenzy of speculation and excitement: the year in tech is being mapped out based on two conferences: Google I/O, and Apple’s WWDC.

By The App Business under Insights, News 25 June 2015