Being a Product Owner on an exclusively backend product can be a scary prospect. Our PO Heather shares the tools and techniques she's learnt whilst building and navigating a backend product.

Heather Parker
By Heather Parker under Insights, Agile 28 November 2018

In our previous post, we looked at how the creative matrix helps to focus the innovation process, providing clear parameters to guide lateral thinking. In this post, we’ll teach you how to run a creative matrix workshop in 10 simple steps.

Joss Wyatt
By Joss Wyatt under Insights, Agile 15 October 2018

Ideation is a key part of product innovation; it is an effective way of gathering and articulating the collective knowledge of a cross-functional team, while thinking laterally about problems. A common...

Joss Wyatt
By Joss Wyatt under Insights, Agile 12 October 2018

Agile Delivery Lead Mark Butcher outlines the benefits of tracking project delivery data.

Mark Butcher
By Mark Butcher under Agile 13 September 2018

Prioritisation is the cornerstone of product development. It is the process of articulating ideas - namely in the creation of a product backlog - and subsequently grouping or ranking these product bac...

Joss Wyatt
By Joss Wyatt under Insights, Agile 07 September 2018

TAB Product Owner Joss rethinks the renowned Chicken & Pig analogy often used in the technology industry and presents the challenges we see with the story.

Joss Wyatt
By Joss Wyatt under Insights, Agile 28 June 2018

The relationship and collaboration between the business people and the developers building the software is critical when it comes to achieving the best possible result.

Anna Fletcher Morris
By Anna Fletcher Morris under Agile 03 November 2016

I’m sure not everyone gets as excited about interior design or picking out furniture as I do, but there is definitely something about furniture that affects the way we work - especially within an office or studio.

By The App Business under Agile 25 August 2016

It may seem counterintuitive, but sometimes the fastest route to completing a project is to stop. In tackling a complex challenge, like building high-quality software, there will be difficulties to overcome. ​

Anna Fletcher Morris
By Anna Fletcher Morris under Agile 24 August 2016

Testers at TAB build strong lines of communication with everyone in our teams, across all stages of a project’s lifecycle. Part of our job is knowing what’s going on at every stage of a project and to help communicate that back to the team - I think of us as ‘information brokers’.

Zachary Borrelli
By Zachary Borrelli under Agile, Insights 30 June 2016

A Scrum Master plays an important part of our teams here at TAB, but it can be somewhat hard to define. The job title alone often gives rise to lots of questions about what, exactly, a Scrum Master does.

By The App Business under Agile 29 June 2016

At TAB, we put the 12 Principles of Agile at the heart of everything we do. Not only do we believe Agile helps us develop the best software, but it allows us to adapt and positively respond to change.

By The App Business under Agile 01 June 2016

Collaboration isn't a new idea, but in the tech industry, high levels of collaboration are essential for delivery and collaboration is often at the heart of how companies like ourselves see the world.

By The App Business under Agile 23 May 2016

It's a fairly common assumption in Agile product development is that the faster you can get features out of the door, the better the team must be performing, particularly when transitioning towards Agile.

Anna Fletcher Morris
By Anna Fletcher Morris under Agile, Insights 05 May 2016

It’s easy to think that we don’t have enough space to be creative, especially in an office environment, but here is another post with tips and ideas on how office space can be used in different forms.

By The App Business under Agile 31 March 2016