Android M pre-release briefing

By The App Business under Insights 24 September 2015

With an Android event scheduled on 29th September, Google are expected to finally unveil Android 6.0 - better known as Android Marshmallow, or just Android M. This event is also expected to reveal two brand new Nexus devices, which will be the first to have M preloaded.

From both a technical and usability standpoint, Android 5.0 (Lollipop) was a pretty big step change. It radically altered what screens were available to the operating system as Android brought wearables, TV and even automobiles into its ecosystem. 

It is unlikely that Marshmallow will bring about the same level of change, but perhaps that is no bad thing. Google has a fair few issues to solve that have plagued their loyal users and as a result, Android M is more focused on iterative improvement. Ultimately, it promises to remove those user pain points with what will be the most polished - if not the most exciting - Android release to date. 

So while we are all waiting to see the final shape of Android M, take a look at the deck below and check out some of the essential features and improvements that Google have up their sleeves with this release. 
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