Apps for life: 5 principles to guide you on your mobile journey

Daniel Joseph
By Daniel Joseph under Insights, Agile 06 June 2013

The team at The App Business sees apps as ‘products’ that earn real loyalty – not just gimmicks for short term novelty.

Increasingly, we also see our clients’ business in the form of software products, as software becomes the interface for all around us. With that in mind, here are five of The App Business’ principles for successful 'app as product' thinking:

1. Stop making slogans, start making software.

Software is consuming the world. It’s time to build a software product that enhances your proposition, rather than a slogan that just says it.

2. It’s about commitments, not just campaigns.

Campaigns come and go. Products launch and live. That means long-term responsibilities. Plan and resource accordingly.

3. Software experience is the new brand experience.

Software increasingly defines your audience’s interaction with your brand. The User Experience experts are the new brand ambassadors.

4. Apps are just the tip of the iceberg.

Get ready to go under the hood: you will need to invest in web-services, databases and other technologies to make your app come alive.

5. Big data makes apps smarter.

Configure your app to understand your audience in real-time, inform business decisions and help you meet their needs, all before they lift a finger… or thumb.

Wherever you are in the mobile journey, The App Business can help you navigate it. Click here to get in touch and discuss.