Hello, Programmable World: 5 key insights for 2014

Daniel Joseph
By Daniel Joseph under Insights 05 February 2014

In 2013, our goal was to evolve from ‘projects to partnerships’: we now help some of the world’s biggest brands to shape, build and run their most important mobile software products.

2014 brings us a new goal: to push the boundaries of what software can do for our clients, their customers and their businesses. To achieve this, we’re going into the new year with five principles in mind (you can also view it as a handy infographic here):

1. Computing Gets Physical

Software is infecting everything around us. This idea has many names, including the ‘Internet of Things’. We call it the Programmable World, where physical ‘things’ can be programmed to be aware, think and act. Computing isn’t just mobile. It’s everywhere.

2. A Nervous System of Sensors

‘Computers’ are turning up as ‘wearables’ (the fabled iWatch), ‘physicals’ (connected thermostats) and even ‘invisibles’ (things you swallow). They can ‘sense’ context: temperature, gesture, light…We’re excited about location and proximity. Knowing someone’s precise proximity to something changes everything.

3. You’re A Software Business

Software is changing how business is done and what products win. For businesses, resourcing this is hard. Some try (and fail) to do it all in-house; others off-shore everything. Instead, get the balance right – external software partners with a broad range of skills to call on, plus a lean in-house technical team.

4. Winners Say No

Steve Jobs used to tell us “Write down ten things you want to do this year. Now cross out six to ten.” A Programmable World means lots of software ideas. But execution is everything. With finite resources, success is determined by saying ‘no’ to pretty much everything. Instead, do a few things – brilliantly.

5. Keeping DAD

We learned in 2013 that the more exciting the opportunities got, the more discipline was needed to deliver them. So, we now operate a strictly Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) methodology: rapid, agile two-week sprints that enable us to innovate fast, with upfront planning, de-risking and inception to align stakeholders and minimise waste.

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