How To Build An Insurer Ready For Tomorrow

Tom Whitbrook
By Tom Whitbrook under Insights 07 May 2019

Whitepaper: The Insurer of The Future

The insurer of tomorrow serves a world very different to the one that the insurer of today was built for.  A world where things are bought more instantly, where people increasingly rent services rather than buy assets, and where people are accustomed to instantly accessing the products and services they require.

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Innovations elsewhere in our lives are resulting in whole new use cases requiring insurance protection. We aren’t just buying an annual home or contents insurance policy to cover the home we live in; we need protection for the room we rent out during the term while the eldest child is at university, and for the entire home for the two weeks we’ve booked away in September. We aren’t just insuring the car for the daily commute; we need it covered on the days we decide to drive for a ride sharing service like Uber. We aren’t just insuring the office for water damage; we need to protect customer data against cyber theft.

With a growing number of new use cases, the foundations of insurance are shifting and with this shift brings the potential for digital technology to create significant customer and business value.

Our latest white paper delves into the future of insurance and focuses on three key questions:

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