On May 16th 2019 Kin + Carta will be taking part in the 8th annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). Ben Campbell talks about why it’s such a crucial issue. Let’s start with the basic facts. ...

Jean-Francois Hector
By Jean-Francois Hector under Insights 15 May 2019

At TAB we are driven to create products that make the world work better. Key to this, is understanding that truly great products don't stem from one individual or a group of experts, but from collabor...

Alex Newnham
By Alex Newnham under Insights 10 May 2019

The insurer of tomorrow will be vastly different from the insurer of today. Download our 'Insurer of the Future' whitepaper to understand what the future of insurance will look like, and how to make sure you are ready for it.

Tom Whitbrook
By Tom Whitbrook under Insights 07 May 2019

We explore how changes in technology, customer needs and the competitive environment are impacting insurance today and what insurer of the future looks like - the propositions they sell, the customer experience they create and the operational procedures required to deliver them.

Tom Whitbrook
By Tom Whitbrook under Insights 23 April 2019

Our aim at TAB is to create products which make the world better for billions of people. However, our own cognitive biases often mean that we intrinsically think about problems from our own point of v...

Jay Clark
By Jay Clark under Insights 09 April 2019

Last week McDonalds acquired personalisation startup ‘Dynamic Yield’ for a reported $300m, making it one of the largest acquisitions in their history. Dynamic Yield use Machine Learning to provide ret...

Marcus Southon
By Marcus Southon under Insights 04 April 2019

The role of testing at TAB is driven by the understanding that quality can only be measured in terms of the value that people place on our products and services. By understanding the risks that can th...

Paul Coletti
By Paul Coletti under Insights 02 April 2019

Subscription services and plus signs were big news at Apple’s Spring Event, which took place on 25th March. Indeed, the Cupertino event saw the launch of TV+, News+ and Apple Arcade, three new enterta...

Julia Sklar
By Julia Sklar under Insights 26 March 2019

All Product Owners have one shared goal: create a successful product. But while designers plan the experience and interface of the product, developers build the product, and testers ensure the quality...

Harriet May
By Harriet May under Insights 21 March 2019

Tech has a youth obsession Tech is obsessed with the young, and fintech is no exception. Ask any fintech startup who their target audience is and you’ll likely hit some or all of the following buzzwor...

Julia Sklar
By Julia Sklar under Insights 19 March 2019

Last week we looked at the barriers to electric vehicle adoption. This week we’re looking at the electric opportunity for businesses. Below, we lay out the potential opportunity for three types of bus...

Julia Sklar
By Julia Sklar under Insights 12 February 2019

Artificial intelligence is changing the way we find and discover products.   Going online to buy something can be daunting. In a few clicks we can have instant access to millions of products and an ov...

Marcus Southon
By Marcus Southon under Insights 12 February 2019

Everyday electric vehicles have arrived. With reasonably priced consumer models like the Nissan Leaf and the Renault Zoe entering the market and price parity with petrol and diesel expected by 2025, a...

Julia Sklar
By Julia Sklar under Insights 01 February 2019

The most efficient and effective method of 
conveying information to and within a development 
team is a face-to-face conversation. At TAB, we believe having each member of the team sitting together a...

Anna Fletcher Morris
By Anna Fletcher Morris under Insights 31 January 2019

This week, our Strategist's are discussing Nesta's predictions for 2019, Toyota's usage of Microsoft HoloLens and the Google "filter bubble".

Julia Sklar
By Julia Sklar under Insights 20 December 2018