iOS 9 pre-release briefing

Toby Weinberg
By Toby Weinberg under Insights 28 August 2015

The release of Apple’s iOS 9 is fast approaching, and our team at TAB is excitedly anticipating the changes this will bring for both developers and users. Getting hands on with the Beta has generated lots of discussions, particularly amongst our product owners and iOS engineers, regarding the ways they can implement the updates into our projects.

iOS 7 brought a radical redesign, and 8 offered a functional evolution. Now, iOS 9 promises to polish everything that’s come before, and to take the first steps towards what comes next.

Expected updates with this release include:

Browse or download our deck below to find out more about what you can expect from iOS 9 this autumn - and keep your eyes peeled for our next pre-release briefing for Android’s much-anticipated Marshmallow update.