Mary Meeker's internet and mobile trends: 7 data points you need to know

Jean-Francois Hector
By Jean-Francois Hector under Insights 31 May 2013

Mary Meeker presented her new ‘Internet Trends’ at the D11 Conference this week. It’s a staggering reminder of how the world is changing as we enter the era of mobile computing.

For a quick overview of the 150-chart-deck, check out Dan Joseph’s summary of his favourite 10 charts from the super deck, and here is my run down of the top data points:

#1. Mobile = 15% of total Internet traffic.

The share of Internet traffic coming from mobile has been growing 1.5x each year since 2008. Mobile is set to make up 30% of all Internet traffic by the end of next year!

#2. In China, more people use mobile to access the Internet than PC. In Korea, people already search more from mobile than from PC.

Asia and Lat Am – not North America – are leading the way into this new era and give us a glimpse of what’s just around the corner for us.

#3. Mobile = 12% of time spent with any media in the US; already 20% in China.

12% of all time spent but only 4% of advertising budgets. That gap is worth $12b each year in the US alone.

#4. Tablet sales overtook Notebook sales in the last three months of 2012, and are still higher than Desktop PCs sales today.

Unsurprisingly global tablet shipments receded a bit from their Christmas peak, but they continue to outsell Desktop PCs.

#5. The amount of fitness data shared from mobile and wearable devices is doubling each month.

The next big wave of content uploaded from mobile devices (after photos and videos) will be personal data: fitness data, location, user reviews, check-ins, etc. This is fuelled by the rise of wearable and drivable mobile devices such as Jawbone, Nike Fuel, Google Glass or Waze-enabled cars.

#6. The typical smartphone user reaches out to their phone 150x a day.

This really helps us understand why wearable devices have a big stake in the future: most of these 150 interactions could be hands-free.

#7. Brits, Americans and West Europeans have a much lower tendency to share than countries like China, India, and Brazil.

You probably have a good idea of how much you and your friends share on social networks: well, most people on the planet share a lot more than that. This is worth keeping in mind if you want your app to scale globally.

This data speaks volumes about the staggering momentum behind mobile computing. At The App Business we’re excited to help lead this change and enable businesses to leverage software and technology to disrupt markets in this new era.

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