RBTE 2014: The right way to influence behaviour with technology

Jean-Francois Hector
By Jean-Francois Hector under News, Insights 13 March 2014

Yesterday, The App Business was invited to talk at the huge and very busy Retail Business Technology Expo 2014 (RBTE) at Earl’s Court in London.

We decided to use this opportunity to tackle one big strategic question: what is the right way to influence behaviour with technology?

I didn’t want to give another talk about all the ways retailers could use technology to get people to do things. Instead, I wanted to help retail execs start from the behaviours they want their customers to do – and exactly what it takes for that behaviour to happen – before they think about technology.

So I shared a simple, practical behaviour science model that we call MAT. MAT is a great way to think about behaviour first, rather than technology first. And our audience seemed to love it – the lecture theatre was full to the brim, and we had a great response to the talk.

So, for anyone who missed it, or is keen to learn more about MAT, you can take a look through my slides below. To discuss MAT in more detail, feel free to drop me a line.

RBTE 2014: The Right Way To Influence Behaviour with Technology from The App Business