Report: The new mobile imperative in retail banking

Brett Thornton
By Brett Thornton under Insights 17 October 2017

Within retail banking, mobile is widely acknowledged as a booming and increasingly important channel - one which has seen impressive uptake amongst customers. It’s a seemingly well established part of most banks’ channel mix and it’s not surprising, therefore, that the majority of retail banks have mobile apps which appear – at least on the surface - to be successful. Job done.

But is that really the case? Have retail banks truly seized the mobile opportunity, and are customers actually satisfied with what their mobile banking currently delivers?

In our whitepaper, The Calm Before the Storm, TAB and Incite Marketing Planning joined forces to rethink the mobile opportunity for retail banks as it faces the greatest regulatory changes in over a century.

Informed by the views of 1400 UK banking customers, this whitepaper makes for timely reading for banking professionals involved in customer experience, innovation, or product management. Combining our research with design thinking, new product concepts and rapid prototyping, the whitepaper highlights the critical need for a new approach to mobile-led customer experiences - before the storm of disruption truly hits.

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