Retrospective: 2015 inside TAB HQ

By The App Business under News 07 January 2016

So here we are: 2016. How on earth did that happen? Much like the pace of our industry, time (and progress) moves super fast here at The App Business. Last year, we began work with some exciting new clients across a wide range of industries - from Visa, Tesco and the Met Office to Argos, Debenhams, BP and the Trainline.

But time flew not only in terms of our work, but also at home - inside TAB HQ.  So before we all get stuck into the the year ahead, here’s a look at some of last year’s achievements from closer to home.

The top 15 in ‘15

Last year saw Team TAB busier than ever writing and sharing some great insights and thoughts on our blog - we published over 40% more than in 2014. This included the creation of some popular points of view over on our Slideshare account - with our The App is Dead deck becoming a Slideshare Editors’ Pick, gaining nearly 12k views (and still climbing).

When I look back over this content during 2015, it serves as an impressive reminder of the wide skills, experiences and interests here at TAB HQ. Below, you can see this diversity in action with our fifteen most-read posts of 2015:


Native vs. Hybrid: developing cross-platform mobile apps

The app is dead: how to think about the future of apps

Thoughts on Agile (Part 1): fear and loathing

One app vs. multiple apps: what can we learn from Facebook Messenger?

Sieving through Google's Alphabet soup

Six principles of good co-location

Building an MVP without sacrificing 'wow' factor

Looking ahead: Apple Pay overview

8 things Uber can teach you

The challenge of changing ‘traditional’ mindsets

#TABReads: the Top 20 books we're reading this summer

The future of your TV: from gogglebox to home hub?

Tech Track 100 and The Drum Digital Census listings

Debugging in Swift

Creating agile space for Agile teams


Everything from reading lists and industry commentary, to thought provoking future-gazing pieces make it onto our blog. You can get this content straight to your inbox by signing up to TAB Updates, our fortnightly newsletter, which we also launched in August 2015.

We have big plans to continue the good work on our blog in 2016 - stay tuned.

Time for an upgrade

This increase in content was facilitated by a relaunch of our website, with the initial MVP version launched in July last year. The site is a labour of love for a cross-section of people here at TAB HQ, and true to our roots and approach, it’s an iterative work in progress. I’m excited already about the ongoing work we’ll be making this year to refine it further. With that in mind, feedback is always appreciated: you can DM me over on Twitter with any suggestions or comments.

But perhaps one of the most exciting (and daunting) upgrades of all was moving from our much-loved - but decidedly cosy - Soho base to our impressive new home in King’s Cross.  You can read more about the big move to the Spitfire Building, and why it works so well for us in my post here.

The perfect host

TAB events in 2015

With more space than ever before and a new pad to celebrate, we also ran a wide variety of events in 2015. From lively, energetic away days for our clients, to meetups for Dribbble, IxDA, NSLondon and the Friday Club, the Spitfire Building welcomed nearly 600 people through its doors in six short months. Our very first event, in fact, was hosted less than a week after we first moved in - causing me no small amount of grey hair.

And with some new roommates joining us in Spitfire this January, in the form of the fabulous Flypay team, we’re looking forward to our first event of 2016 next Thursday - our Breakfast of Champions, which I like to think of as the unholy lovechild of a school science fair and the Apple Genius Bar...You can learn more about this event here.


Reflecting on the above is a real celebration of all the hard work, creativity and exciting things we managed to achieve in 2015 across every area of the business - and on that note, I’ll sign off by wishing you, from all of us at TAB, a very Happy New Year!