TAB Pride 2019

Emma Coletti
By Emma Coletti under News 09 July 2019


On Saturday 6th July, TABbers joined thousands to march in London’s 2019 Jubilee Pride Parade commemorating fifty years of activism and diversity in support of the LGBTQ+ community. It was a huge honour to publicly show our support for both the TAB and wider LGBTQ+ community! 


Why Pride is important to us

For the past 12 months, we have increased our efforts in prioritising diversity and inclusion across everything we do as an organisation. At TAB, we believe in creating a culture where diversity, regardless of its form, is just a part of who we are. This is reflected in our diversity vision to ensure:

"That every person at every level at TAB feels heard and empowered to shape TAB today and tomorrow"

Having kicked off last year with our hugely popular ‘Women on the Rise’ initiative, Pride London felt like a natural fit and a clear demonstration of our ongoing commitment to inclusion and diversity within TAB. 

Throwback to 2018, on the Friday before Pride, we bought two of the biggest rainbow cakes from Hummingbird bakery and got everyone together to take a moment out of their day to enjoy some delicious cake and celebrate Pride. It was then that TABber Kane Cheshire said to me, “Could we take part in the Pride in London Parade next year” and very soon after we decided to apply for Pride 2019. 



What TABbers had to say

We always knew this was something extremely important to TABbers, but after finding out the news that we had secured tickets to Pride, seeing the excitement within the office and hearing from TABbers on why they wanted to go, we were reminded of the significance and importance of Pride. 






Parade Day

As ever, the 6th July rolled around very quickly and suddenly the day of the parade was here! From the moment we stepped into the production area, the atmosphere was electric. The floats were blazing music, people were dancing, the high heels were beyond impressive and the choreography of our neighbours from the London Otters Rowing Club was incredible. 


Walking along the parade route and seeing our fellow TABbers cheering us on from the sidelines and hearing our names being shouted out by the hosts as we went along, were definitely two of the highlights for me. Just to be immersed in the celebrations, in an atmosphere full of love, was something truly special and not like anything I’ve experienced before! 


It was a proud day for TAB and I am so proud to have been a part of making it happen!