TAB’s parent company unveils global rebrand

Daniel Joseph
By Daniel Joseph under News, #TABLife, Insights 02 October 2018

Today, we’re excited to announce that St Ives is relaunching as Kin + Carta.

The group will fuse its three specialisms — strategy, innovation, and communications — under its new organisational model called The Connective, with TAB a key part of the Group.

The Connective is a global team of over 1,500 specialists across four continents, connected by its culture and shared ways of working. It allows specialists to thrive in specialist “tribes” while connecting them to deliver joined transformation for clients.

“In a world where people are currently inundated with experiences that are broken and frustrating, we’re taking a radical approach to how we’re organised in order to help the world’s largest organisations achieve a more unified result,” said J Schwan, Chief Executive of Kin + Carta.

The name Kin + Carta embodies what the group stands for: Kin, as in family, represents the Connective’s emphases on connection and collaboration. Carta, meaning map, underscores the Connective’s mission to plot a clear path to the future. Kin + Carta integrates the talents and expertise from seven unique strategic consulting, digital innovation, and creative communications businesses: strategic consultancies Pragma, Hive, and Incite; digital innovation firms TAB and Solstice; and communications agencies Edit and AmazeRealise.