As Christmas fast approaches, I asked TABbers to reveal their favourite books of the year to bring you our 12 books of Christmas recommendations.

Natasha McGowan
By Natasha McGowan under Insights, #TABLife 18 December 2018

Just before Corinna went on maternity leave for baby number 2, she told us all about her career as a Designer and how she manages her work/life balance.

Natasha McGowan
By Natasha McGowan under #TABLife 30 November 2018

We met Leila at Ministry of Testing's TestBash in March this year. After 5 years of being full-time mum and no testing experience, Leila talks us through the path that got her to becoming an Associate...

Natasha McGowan
By Natasha McGowan under #TABLife 06 November 2018

Today, we’re excited to announce that St Ives is relaunching as Kin + Carta.The group will fuse its three specialisms — strategy, innovation, and communications.

Daniel Joseph
By Daniel Joseph under News, #TABLife, Insights 02 October 2018

Here’s a quick look back at our journey to Solstice's FWD Conference and how we created a voice-powered on-boarding experience designed for the health sector.

Jay Clark
By Jay Clark under Insights, #TABLife 18 July 2018

I wanted to get to know more about Andy’s role at TAB, and what makes it so different from his previous roles, so sat down with him to get the tell-all.

Laura Kassapakis
By Laura Kassapakis under #TABLife 07 March 2018

I recently grabbed some time with App Services Engineer Roberta Goodhead to chat about her take on TAB life so far.

Laura Kassapakis
By Laura Kassapakis under #TABLife 24 November 2017

Sam Dods shares his career journey, jumping from Intern to Lead Engineer at TAB in just three and a half years.

Sam Dods
By Sam Dods under #TABLife 13 November 2017

Recently, Ryan and I sat down and got to talking about his role and experience so far as a member of the App Services CoP at TAB.

Laura Kassapakis
By Laura Kassapakis under #TABLife 01 November 2017

We were absolutely delighted to welcome Jeff Gothelf to the Spitfire Building last week to kick off our very first TABTalk. Jeff is an advocate of design, leadership, and all things agility.

By The App Business under Insights, #TABLife 07 October 2016

We were set a challenge - to make reordering day-to-day products a friction-free experience. We saw an exciting opportunity to investigate and prototype a different approach using digital sensors.

George Proudfoot
By George Proudfoot under Insights, #TABLife 07 September 2016

Summer is well and truly upon us, providing an opportunity to relax outside (weather permitting) with a good book. Here we bring you our latest and greatest book suggestions.

By The App Business under #TABLife 13 July 2016

The tech industry is booming, and if you are are either in it or thinking of joining it, there are a lot of options to consider. From the booming giants to the innovative start-ups, there is a lot on offer.

Jacob Mullaly
By Jacob Mullaly under #TABLife 19 May 2016

Encryption might sound like something that only your IT team obsess about, but in reality, you come into contact with multiple forms of encryption software every single day.

Andrei Petric
By Andrei Petric under Insights, #TABLife 18 May 2016

At The App Business, we can’t solve the New Year blues, but we wanted to make sure our clients' January gets started the right way - with inspiration and innovative thinking for their mobile strategies in 2016.

By The App Business under News, #TABLife 07 January 2016