The top 10 challenges to becoming agile

By The App Business under Insights 03 August 2015

Recently, we wrote about a new event here at TAB HQ: our very first ‘un-workshop’, which brought together individuals from a wide range of industries to discuss the challenges they face in becoming leaner and more agile.

In a world where the pace of change is lightning fast, with new technologies and user behaviour emerging at breakneck speed, every organisation we spoke to was feeling the pressure to be more nimble. What became clear was that many were in the same boat, and facing the same challenges. And here they are, captured in glorious technicolour as part of our graphic facilitation at the event:


Agile in the Real World graphic facilitation boards


In a follow up questionnaire, we then distilled these down to the critical top 10:

It goes without saying that these topics cover a huge amount of ground, from large questions around cultural change to the working detail of how to define a good MVP. So, rather than try to answer them all in one blog post, we will be turning them into a mini-series.

Over the coming weeks, we will begin by looking at each question in turn and serving up some real-world insights and stories from the wider TAB team - the engineers, architects, strategists and designers who live and build with agile everyday here at TAB HQ.

If you’re in the process of transitioning to more agile ways of working and these challenges strike a chord with you, drop me a line or catch up with us on Twitter: @TheAppBusiness #TABUnworkshop