Where are organisations struggling to get connected?

Julia Sklar
By Julia Sklar under Insights 13 December 2018

The most successful organisations are those using software to connect different aspects of their operations. In being more connected, they are able to create innovative capabilities and outperform competitors.

We call these organisations Connected Organisations. Read our report on how to become a Connected Organisation here.

On September 26th, we invited senior business leaders to TAB for an evening of networking, a lively panel debate and tech demonstrations to uncover the possibilities of a more connected organisation.

We invited all our attendees across multiple sectors to answer a short survey on how well they think their organisation is performing across a series of connected behaviours, from empowering staff and customers, to learning and responding to insight.

The results

Most respondents felt that their organisation was successful at getting close to their customers, with just 17% feeling they were unsuccessful. The dogma of knowing your customer - and using data to do so - has likely contributed to a high success rate here, with companies embracing data to track customer interactions.

At the other end of the scale, developing a data-driven culture was a struggle for 78% of respondents. Both legacy IT systems and culture limitations were cited as major barriers to change.

Read the full infographic below. How does your organisation stack up?

Download the Connected Organisations report to find out how technology can help your organisation overcome these and other challenges or download the full infographic below.