One in four people will experience mental illness each year, with many of those not necessarily receiving treatment for their illness. According to a recent survey, 6 in 10 people with bipolar disorde...

Julia Sklar
By Julia Sklar under Insights 05 September 2019

Our goal at TAB is to create products that make the world work better. Behind these amazing products, is our team of talented engineers, designers, strategists and product delivery experts. For us, it...

By TAB under Insights 02 September 2019

Technology is transforming every part of our lives - changing the way we shop, travel, watch television and more. Healthcare is no exception, and the pace of change is only going to accelerate – drive...

By TAB under Insights 19 August 2019

A traditionally ‘low engagement’ category for consumers, insurance is being shaken up by a digital revolution. New technologies such as sensors, machine learning, conversational interfaces, and IoT ar...

Julia Sklar
By Julia Sklar under Insights 13 August 2019

Our recent blog post explained what the 3 Amigos sessions were and the benefits this can bring to a development team. The premise of the concept suggests that to really build a shared understanding, different perspectives need a common way to devise requirements and document them in a manner accessible to both technical and non-technical project members.

Jacob Mullaly
By Jacob Mullaly under Insights 26 July 2019

As an outcome-led technology partner, now in its tenth year, we have made the exciting decision to expand further in Europe with a product delivery team in Edinburgh. Home to some of the worlds larges...

Stephen Wilson
By Stephen Wilson under Insights 22 July 2019

On Saturday 6th July, TABbers joined thousands of others to march in London’s 2019 Jubilee Pride Parade commemorating fifty years of activism and diversity in support of the LGBTQ+ communi...

Emma Coletti
By Emma Coletti under News 09 July 2019

When Mitzi Lageweij and I visited the Women of Silicon Roundabout conference back in 2018, we were at the very start of our journey to establish a new Gender Diversity strategy within TAB and were loo...

Rachel Priest
By Rachel Priest under Insights 05 July 2019

Last week, technology and innovation experts gathered together for this years London Tech Week to present a wide range of keynotes, seminars and workshops. As part of the Innovation Festival, I sat do...

Heather Parker
By Heather Parker under Insights 21 June 2019

Apple’s annual World Wide Developer Conference began yesterday, revealing what we can expect for iOS 13, macOS Catalina, watchOS 6, some limited updates to tvOS - as well as an entirely new iPad OS.

Ellen Adjei
By Ellen Adjei under Insights 04 June 2019

Much of what underpins agile software development is the power held by small, self organised teams to deliver. Contained groups of developers, testers, and designers are able to maintain much greater ...

Mark Butcher
By Mark Butcher under Insights 21 May 2019

On May 16th 2019 Kin + Carta will be taking part in the 8th annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). Ben Campbell talks about why it’s such a crucial issue. Let’s start with the basic facts. ...

Jean-Francois Hector
By Jean-Francois Hector under Insights 15 May 2019

At TAB we are driven to create products that make the world work better. Key to this, is understanding that truly great products don't stem from one individual or a group of experts, but from collabor...

Alex Newnham
By Alex Newnham under Insights 10 May 2019

The insurer of tomorrow will be vastly different from the insurer of today. Download our 'Insurer of the Future' whitepaper to understand what the future of insurance will look like, and how to make sure you are ready for it.

Tom Whitbrook
By Tom Whitbrook under Insights 07 May 2019

We explore how changes in technology, customer needs and the competitive environment are impacting insurance today and what insurer of the future looks like - the propositions they sell, the customer experience they create and the operational procedures required to deliver them.

Tom Whitbrook
By Tom Whitbrook under Insights 23 April 2019